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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:17 pm
by captainbutch
Its been a while since these guys have been down to fish with us and it's obvious that they haven't forgotten how it's done.
The crew consisted of Bryan Dedeaux from Laurel,MD., R.J. Jones from Hillsboro,NC., Troy Ham from Fayetteville,NC., Mark Flemings from Elizabethtown,NC., Kerwin Steele from Raleigh,NC., and Randall Knapp from Fayetteville,NC.
We made the trip to the 360's to some numbers that I found over the summer and had been itching to get back out there and give them a try.
It looks like at least one will become a permanent number now in my log book. I had eight new places to try but only got to try the first one, man, what a rock!!!!!
Bryan caught a Strawberry and a nice Gag grouper off the back side of the rock and R.J. responded on the opposite side when the current shifted with two Red Grouper that could pass for twins!!
As for the rest of the days fishing, or should I say catching, we had over 300 pounds of Big Black Bass, Huge Triggerfish, Enormous Grey Snappers, Gigantic Vermillion Snappers, Mediocre Silver Snappers, Very nice Sharks, Good Calico Bass, some Ring tails, and got to see a Tiger Shark circle the boat that was at least 15 feet long, maybe even bigger and also, one of the guys caught a huge Nurse Shark 200+ pounds and fought it all the way to the top before it broke the 100 pound test line!!

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