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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:22 pm
by captainbutch

Myself along with 1st mate Gary Sanders left South Harbour marina at 5AM headed to the Steeples with Eric, Bill, Matt, & Grant Shisler from Columbus, OH.

After arriving at the Steeples I was suprised to not find any bait or activity, it looked dead!! Not to be discouraged, I kept a positive attitude and started my search.

It wasn't too long until my positive attitude told me to get out of there so I picked up the pace and headed towards the Black Jack.

Here I found some bait and it wasn't long until the planer rod went off and the bright orange YO-ZURI Bonito lure was hooked up with a good solid 30+ pound Bull Mahi.

He fought hard and just out of gaff range he made a final charge and this was the one that turned the odds in his favor as this hard charge pulled the hooks. So, he's still out there waiting for the next bait to come along!!!

Not long after this, the same planer rod tripped and we were hooked fast into a very nice Wahoo. Try as he might, this time the hooks held tight and we were able to get this one into the box.

We had a spell where things slowed, but, once again, the same planer rod went off and we were again hooked into another nice Wahoo. The scenerio above was just a replay, and soon we had another nice Wahoo in the box.

The radio talk in the Tower area and to the east was that the King Mackerel were biting pretty good. I do believe that the sea was as calm today as I had seen it all year. It was an awesome day with beautiful weather, calm seas, Wahoo's & Mahi and Great Folks on the Yeah Right II.

It's hard to believe we have weather like this here at the end of November, but, I'll take it anytime we can get it!!!

BTW/ All our fish came off the orange and black YO-ZURI pulled on a #8 planer. We never got the first bite on a Ballyhoo!!

Till next time, Have a Great and Blessed Thanksgiving, and God Bless Everyone!!

Fish On!!!!
Capt. Butch Foster

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