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Fishing Report Denmark

Any non-US location not included in other International Forums

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Fishing Report Denmark

Postby presterno » Sat Jul 12, 2003 3:12 am

As a fly fishing guide, I am frequently asked many questions. Where is the best place to go and when is the best time to catch a fish?
There are so many factors to be considered and it’s always difficult to answer. However, I always remark that some answers are best found at the bottom of a good whisky bottle. It’s getting there which is always the hard part.

Still sea temperatures continue to rise well above 19oC at certain places along south-eastern Jutland and certain parts of Fyn. Some areas still remain cool enough to catch Sea Trout close to shore due to cool currents and deep water within casting range.
The best time would certainly be between the hours of 02:00 and 06:00 when the temperature is at it’s coolest.
Reports this week are few and far between but considering the time of year, the figures are definitely up on last years month of July.

Areas from Kolding Fjord down to Gravenshoved have been poor. Although Garfish still follow the fly, no sightings or catches of Sea Trout have been reported this past week.
Halk Hoved has been good with 3 notable Sea Trout taken on the evening of Wednesday 9th, July. The largest fish being 62cm and smallest 43cm. Crazy Charlie on a size 8 proved the winning fly.
Further south towards Genner has also been fair fishing with nearly all catches being early hours except one Sea Trout taken at Fløvt weighing in at 3.45kg at midday on the 8th.
Wedellsborg has been fair, with most of the fish weighing in around 1kg. Gamborg…Poor and the area around Føns…Poor.
The northern shores of Fyn from Båring Vig to Bogense, again…Poor. No actual reports from that region.
The entrance to Odense Fjord namely Gabet has been good with a good sized trout taken on fly at 04:00 on the 9th. Peter Christiansen took the fish on his last cast which followed a 20 minute fight. The finish result was 66cm on a size 6 Black Zulu.
South Fyn has been good especially around the coast of Ærø. Langeland as always good to excellent at certain times with a northerly wind.

The wind has taken it’s toll on the coast with strong winds coming in from the north-west to west pushing most of the water on the Jutland side out to give some low water at places.
Weather reports for the coming week give little indication of letting up. Rain has been forecast again which brings me onto the rivers…

The Konenåen has seen incredible high water but reasonable feeding all through the day. Plenty of Brown Trout but no sign of Grayling from Skodborg to Foldingbro and down stream 5km. Some grass / weed cutting has been going on but not to much to cause concern.
Gelså as always good. A few Grayling around the 35cm mark with clear but high water.
Andstå very good Grayling reports there with a monster 44cm’er taken on a classic Red Tag.
The high light comes from the Gudeåen. The record was set on the 9th July with Allan Zachariasson from Fyn taking a 11.51kg Sea Trout at pool. Big fish, big smile.

I know, I know….A short report but who can complain? I have spent the best part of a week trying to find if more fish were caught, but it seems either:
1. Most angler’s are on holiday abroad that would answer the fact that not many are fishing the coasts or rivers. :D
2. There literally no fish around because of a number of factors like the weather, sea temperatures, sloppy fishing techniques, not being able to find one’s lucky underpants. :shock:
3. Haven’t thought of one yet. :?:

I can tell you that the fishing inspectors are out in full swing patrolling the rivers and coast lines. If you don’t have a licence, be prepared for a heavy fine without question. If you also have under size fish…You may find your bank balance hitting an all time low. You have been warned!

Tight lines all from a warm Denmark.

Presterno Fishing
Ripley Davenport
Presterno Fishing
Fly Fishing Guide
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