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Fishing Report Denmark

Any non-US location not included in other International Forums

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Fishing Report Denmark

Postby presterno » Fri Jul 18, 2003 12:31 pm

“Please grant that I may catch a fish so big that even I, when talking of it afterwards, will have no need to lie.

(The author sips his whisky). At this time of year fishing is a real test of character. Spirits are either in tip-top condition, or suffocating in the deep depths of some pit. Deal-levels of boredom, the favourite fly embedded in the small of your back, the broken thermos flask, the soggy sandwiches, the wasps, bugs, ticks, and numerous biting flies, water in your waders, blah-de-blah. You know the story.
It’s also a time of year when the heat and the water temperatures are rising. Most fish, and this is including Sea Trout, will spend a good proportion of their time in a state of suspended animation which, in our terms, we would call it sleep. It seems the fish have better things to do than to even think about snatching that “home-made-supa-dupa-monster-killer-of-a-fly”.

The Vejleå has joined the top list when it comes to the Danish small streams. Sea Trout have been taken well into the 70cm range this past week. I will try to locate some pictures.
Still the Kongeåen runs clear as water levels slowly drop, catches of Brown Trout have become more and more plentiful. Although still no sign of Grayling, I regret to inform you, The Sea Trout are still hanging out in the darkest of places.
The dry fly seem to be taking most of the Brown Trout up to 35cm, most larger specimens are taking the streamers, nymphs and wet flies on size 10 up to 2. Areas around Kobenhoved and Skodborg have seen the larger Browns during the darker hours. The deep pools seem to be holding this larger range so sinking lines would be an advantage.
The Gudenåen still brings in the odd Salmon that deserves the headline and front page in most Danish fishing magazines. Sea Trout are plentiful as always and the Grayling are feeding actively around sunset on anything that tickles their fancy.
Ribeå has had a record year so far when it comes to fish over 4kg and statistics has shown catches almost doubling from last years reports.
Koldingå…Geez. What a river this year. The bad news I am afraid, is that finding a parking place at Ejstrup is difficult. News travels far and the anglers are pulling up around sunset to sample a taste of the fine fishing. Standing shoulder to shoulder is a strange thing. There is plenty of water so finding a secluded area would be easy enough. But alas, instead of enjoying the experience, anglers would rather worry about the prospect of missing something. Pity that.

The coast has seen some nice Sea Trout but because of the temperatures, catches have been few and far between. Tourists are having a difficult time in finding the fish, especially without a guide or local insider knowledge. Research or hiring a guide is definitely advisable for this time of year if you want a chance of finding something worth bragging about.
Areas from Kolding Fjord down to Genner Bugt are good at key times when the tide and temperature is right. Early morning seems to be the best time as I have said, unless you can find an area with deep water close to shore fishing during the day may be a possibility.

However, regardless that my whisky is running low and I need another glass, I feel the need to comment on several nice Sea Trout, one just under 5kg taken by Jan van der Meehn who came to me for guiding one evening (picture on left).
Having spent the best part of the evening searching coastline, I finally found what I was looking for and directed Jan accordingly. The result was fact and exciting. Even though, Jan had felt several tugs through the night but just couldn’t hook one, the night was surreal, calm and rewarding.

That sums it up for now. More reports to follow. Remember Denmark, although undiscovered and not as highly rated as maybe Norway or Alaska, still has the fish and quality to boot.
I need another whisky…

Later all, and tight lines and sweaty palms…
Ripley Davenport
Ripley Davenport
Presterno Fishing
Fly Fishing Guide
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Joined: Fri Jun 13, 2003 12:44 pm
Location: Denmark

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