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New Electronics The Answer To More Fish

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New Electronics The Answer To More Fish

Postby Jim Blue Max Charters » Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:41 pm

New Electronics The Answer To More Fish

By Capt. Jim Hirt
New electronics come into the market place all the time. Most are a duplication of other products that you already have. Once in a dogs age a truly innovative addition to your fishing *beep* shows up. Now is the time for you to get ahead of the pack. I truly believe the "Acoustic Lure Tracking" System is the answer to total control of your fishing program. Please read this article for details of this new exciting product.
This fishing season I had an opportunity to fish out of Milwaukee, with Darrell Huff and his team of technicians. The fishing was excellent and all caught a good number of salmon and trout. We had a great experience exchanging fishing stories and enjoying the time on Lake Michigan. The reason Darrell came out to fish was to introduce me to the ALT (Acoustic Lure Tracking system) and I was impressed. It was simple to use and very accurate. In 26 years of motor trolling for salmon and trout I have seen many advances in electronics. The ALT will revolutionize the way you fish and keep you in the most productive zone for more fish. In the process of motor trolling for salmon I use twelve to sixteen rods in various presentations and depths. The problem with motor trolling with this amount of tackle is keeping track of all the lures. You must know their position relative to your target species and keep them from hanging up on the bottom when following a bottom contour or any other fish holding formation or temperature. Most anglers have a fish locator to show them fish, but the quest is precise tracking and locating of lures in the most productive temperatures and fish rich zones. Finally the answer has arrived to make everyone an expert in lure control whether you fish with one or many fishing lures. The ALT is an electronic system that will tell you exactly how deep and at what temperature you are trolling a lure, cut bait or live bait. This system has the ability to monitor one lure (if used with one transmitter) or two lures (if used with two transmitters) and is very easy to use. Simply attach the hydrophone and planer to a cleat ten feet or so ahead of the transom and lower the end attached to the planer into the water. Then plug the hydrophone into the receiver. The acoustic transmitter is attached in line between your leader and lure, cut bait or live bait. The transmitter is so small (0.6 inch diameter) and virtually weightless in water that it does not affect your lure action or the feel of the lure and is not noticeable at all when fighting a fish.
Here is how the Acoustic Lure Tracking system works. The acoustic transmitter incorporates tiny sensors and circuits that monitor the water pressure (used to determine depth) and the water's temperature. Every 10 to 15 seconds the transmitter sends an encoded acoustic signal through the water to the hydrophone. The hydrophone converts it to an electrical signal the receiver reads the electrical signal and displays the transmitter's depth and water temperature data as feet and degrees Fahrenheit. Since the transmitter is attached to your fishing line you can fish straight off the back of the boat or attach your line to a downrigger, diving planer, outrigger or planer boards in the usual manner. It works great at depths down to 300 feet and speeds of up to 4.5 miles per hour and with over 100 yards of line out.
My experience with the Acoustic Lure Tracking System has convinced me that without it you are fishing blind. Now is the time to get in on cutting edge technology and a step ahead of the competition. Tournament, charter, professional and everyday fishermen will find this is their best tool to track their lures and keep them in the fish rich zones. To see pictures and purchase this exciting product go to the ALT Web site at http://www.acousticluretracking.com or call Darrell at (443) 262-1269 to ask questions or purchase this exciting new product. Good Luck let's go fishing! Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max Charters. Jim can be reached at 414-828-1094 or visit his web site at http://www.bluemaxcharters.com Copyright© 2007, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved.
[url=http://www.bluemaxcharters.com]Captain Jim Hirt
Jim Blue Max Charters
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First Mate
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