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Oak Hill Mosquito Lagoon

PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:40 pm
by captainneal
:arrow: Oak Hill Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report (April 23)

The wind has been blowing hard... That makes fishing hard too. It's hard to fish where you want to, you have to fish where you can and finding the fish on a windy day is just about a miracle. I got in a couple of good days before Easter and caught some nice trout and a couple of jacks. I saw two big schools of redfish but they just would not bite. We tried gulp, live shrimp and gold spoons without sucess.

The trout hit the shrimp and the gulp pretty good. But, here were a lot of small ones, about 10 shorts to a keeper.

After Easter I got right back on the trout. They were still biting the gulp and we caught some upper slot-size ones.
We went right back to the big schools of reds too and caught some real nice keepers on live shrimp. It's really something to slip up on a redfish and watch him when you cast your bait and it hits right in front of him, he turns to look at it. Kind of like "Hey, what was that." Then he *beep* his head and just when you think he doesn't care anything about it, he charges for it and the fight is on! You always imagined that was the way it was... but to actually see it happen produces a feeling you can't describe.

Whew! If you get a chance, take someone who hasn't fished out and let them get hooked! Until next time, catch one for me!