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Summertime on Stick Marsh/Farm 13

Including: Lake Okeechobee, Kissimmee Chain, Stick Marsh/Farm 13, etc.

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Summertime on Stick Marsh/Farm 13

Postby George » Thu Jul 15, 2004 7:02 pm

One of the most common questions we are asked throughout the year is: “what is your favorite time of the year to fish the Stick Marsh?” The answer without a doubt is SUMMER! The hotter the water the better the fishing is.

Not only are one hundred plus fish days typical, but some of the largest Bass are caught during the warmer days of the year. Many of our days are spent throwing Chug Bugs all day long. Yes, even in the heat of the day it is very common to have the bass crushing top water baits. The majority of our lunker bass have fallen prey to top water baits in the middle of the day.

Unlike the Northern bass the Florida bass love the heat, and since the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 is mostly a shallow lake, once the fish are located they are very easy to catch. With the average air temps in the middle to upper eighties, and typically a breeze off the ocean, most days are very comfortable on the water. If you want to cool of you can always jump in and take a quick swim. Don't worry the alligators won't bother you there after the fish too.

Most summer days the only lures needed are Senko's, Rattletraps, Chug Bugs, Buzz Baits, and Flukes. The majority of the Bass will move out and school up along the irrigation ditches on Farm 13. Look for the fish to be schooled on the levees and on the flats along the ditches. When the Bass are busting the shad throw Chug Bugs, and when the bass go down they can't resist a chrome and blue Rattle-Trap burned past them.

When there are no signs of fish bashing shad a very productive way to locate the bass is to work a Carolina rig along the old irrigation ditches on the Farm. Position your boat outside the ditches throwing back into the deep water and dragging your bait back to the boat. Once you locate the fish stay put. It's very common to find large schools of bass along the ditches. We have been very successful anchoring up and catching one hundred plus fish out of one school.

The best place to start your foray along the ditches is at the intersection of the north/south ditches and the east/west ditch. The Bass tend to school in these areas especially when there is current in the lake. Buzz Baits along the ditches and among the mats of hydrilla is another great way to catch not only numbers of bass but big bass as well.

The majority of the fish on the Stick Marsh will be at Twin Palms, the NW corner and the SW Corner. Watch for the shad and catch them using the same techniques as on the Farm. Make sure to keep a sharp eye out when running around, and if you see the shad throw out a marker and let the catching begin.

When the rain starts falling and the current starts flowing, be prepared for bass fishing like you've never seen. We have three areas were water flows into the lake. The spillway in the SE corner of Farm 13 is not only the main area but also the most productive. When there is good water flow and the fish stack up you can expect to average one hundred plus fish per boat, and we have had days with over three hundred fifty bass caught. The average fish typically weigh between two and four pounds, and many fish our caught are well over ten pounds. The best way to fish this area is with Carolina rigged Senko's and Rattle-traps. Casts your lure into the current and let the bait sweep it on its own. Another area to watch for good current is at the pump on the east levee of Farm 13. Fish this area the same way as the spillway and be prepared to catch bass after bass. The third main area for water flow is in front of the pipes located next the ramp. Carolina rigged Senko's in the current is the best way to fish this area. Look for fish to stack up at the cut into the Stick Marsh, the interactions of the ditches, and all throughout the lake. We have no way of knowing when they will open the spillway or any of these other areas, but the most common time is when we start getting lots of rain.

If you like to catch Bass on artificial lures and you’re in search of catching that fish of a lifetime then don't let the summer bite pass you buy. Give us a call, and we will do our best to provide you with the fishing trip of a lifetime.
Professional Guide offering trips on Stick Marsh/Farm 13 - Ansin/Garcia - Kenansville
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