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Great White Shark - did you see this!

Post and discuss general fishing news and press releases from fishing related companies and organizations.

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Great White Shark - did you see this!

Postby signatureshares » Mon May 18, 2009 9:17 pm

My friends at Fischer Productions sent me some pictures I thought you might enjoy seeing.

Chris Fischer from the ESPN2 TV Show "Offshore Adventures" may win the trophy for MOST ADVENTUROUS of all time. For those of you who didn't see it, Chris gave a riveting presentation during the Miami Boat Show of his latest adventure – FIND, CATCH, BRING ON DECK, TAG AND RELEASE LIVE Great White Sharks. It was truly the most amazing fishing story I've ever heard.

Think about the awesome challenge they faced. It had never been done before. And, how would they hook and then reel in such big fish? And, once caught how would they subdue the great animal without harm? And, who wants to reach into a live Great White's mouth and take out the hook?

Speaking of the hook, Chris explained with great amazement to a wide-eyed audience that they used the world's largest and strongest hook only to discover that these mammoth fish broke them like they were paper clips. The hooks tested to 10,000-lbs breaking strength! Are these guys just nuts? These were really big fish!

As the story progressed, Chris explained that they had to "adapt and overcome" like a prize fighter who was simply outmatched. They learned the fish would stay hooked up if it didn't dive deep. So, they employed a technique anyone who has seen the movie “Jaws” would be familiar with – the old 4-barrel trick! They actually attached barrel-size floats to the line just like in the movie. I'm talking massive floats that take thousands of pounds of pressure to sink. And, just like in the movie, the first 3 fish just swam away into the depths unfazed! Are you kidding me?! You had to see this to believe it.

They discovered the solution was to allow the floats to slide down the line. Using a technique similar to raising a stuck anchor with a ball float and ring. The harder you pull, the further the float and ring slides down line. In this case, the floats slid toward the mouth of the fish. Once they got close enough to the fish's head, he could no longer dive deep. The main line was then attached to a Zodiac and the fish was towed over a sunken dive platform. Of course, it wasn't exactly as easy as taking your dog for a walk. It was something more akin to a Lilliputian attached to a giant.

The entire event was filmed and will be shown on a National Geographic special.

Oh, and did I mention these fish were big? Let me explain how big... almost all of them were over 2,000 lbs. But, one particular shark was estimated at over 4,000 lbs considering that just before being hooked by the crew of the Go Fish, it devoured a 1,600-lb Lion Seal in just 3 bites! So, when this fish came on deck it was literally bigger than a city bus. Note; the guy in the photo on the right standing outside the green apron is over 6'5" tall. These were big sharks!

I can't wait to see this show on TV. I'm told it is looking to air sometime at the end of 2009.

To view pictures of these gigantic fish check out chit chat on http://www.pensacolafishingforum.com/forum/default.asp

Matthew V. Condon
Signature Shares, LLC
President, CPYB, FYBA Member
An Affiliate of Galati Yacht Sales
(located at NorthLight Yacht Club, Hwy 85 & 20) www.northlightyachtclub.com
115 John Simms Pkwy. West
Niceville, FL 32541
Ph: (850) 279-6888
Cell: (850) 259-9900
Roberta at Signature Shares
Posts: 12
Joined: Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:55 pm

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