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Observations of a fishing guide

Discussions pertaining to tackle and equipment including: features, proper use, maintenance, etc.

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Observations of a fishing guide

Postby Stan Wright » Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:50 pm

Here are a few things I have noticed over my many years as a fishing guide.

"How many fish can I expect to catch in a day?"...... is totally dependent on your casting ability..... and the weather.

Out in the boat fishing is NOT the time to learn how to cast.

An accurate cast is more important than a long cast.

Single hook lures rigged weedless don't hang up in trees as much as lures with two treble hooks. (see above)

Barbless hooks catch more fish and are easer to remove from the fishes mouth, your hat, your shirt, and your ear.

Long pants, long sleeve shirts, wide brim hats, and sunglasses protect your ears better than an application of sun tan oil. (see above)

When casting, always be aware of what is behind your client... they won't.

Re-spooling a fishing reel with expensive new line will almost always guarantee the next client to use it will be a beginner.

Cranking really fast on the handle of a spinning reel while the fish is taking out line will result in a twisted, tangled, kinked up fishing line.

Some "bird nests" in a reel are so tangled that only a pair of scissors will help.

When fishing with beginning anglers it's a good idea to have 2 or 3 rods rigged and ready to go..... per angler.

Sight fishing for spawning peacock bass is not as simple as most people tend to believe it is.

When site fishing for spawning peacock bass, you must be able to see the fish.

You can see the fish a lot better if you remember to bring your polarized sunglasses.

Locking down the drag on a fishing reel will result in broken line or bent hooks. (lost fish)

It's a good idea to frequently check (and loosen) the drag setting on the reel of most clients.

There is no such thing as a "fool-proof" fishing reel. (Fools can be very creative)

Women anglers listen to the advice given by the fishing guide.

Where skill is about even, women anglers will catch more fish. (see above)

Many beginning anglers, when hooked up to a fish, loose all hearing in both ears.

Any fishing rod laying in the bottom of the boat will be stepped on.

The more expensive the fishing rod, the more likely it will be laid down in the bottom of the boat.

Electric car windows and ceiling fans eat rod tips.

Fishing with live bait is not as simple as most people tend to believe that it is.

When using tilapia as live bait, they will always quickly swim into the thickest cover available.

After the live tilapia swims into the thick cover, it is usually quicker and easier to break the line and tie on another hook.

Always buy fish hooks in the 250 package size.

Learn how to tie one or two good knots....... and how to tie them quickly. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Why let the truth stand in the way of a good fish story.
Stan Wright
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Deck Hand
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