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Guatemala Fishing report April 2nd 2009

Includes: The Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and any other exotic fishing locations in the Islands, Central and South America.

Guatemala Fishing report April 2nd 2009

Postby sailfish » Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:04 pm

This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending
April 2nd 2009 and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company http://www.greatsailfishing.com
operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina.

Easter is a very important time all over the world, but nowhere more so than in Guatemala. Most catholic, and in particular Spanish speaking countries regard this as the most important date on the calendar.
In the city of Antigua Guatemala however, this is taken to a whole new level.

Each Sunday of Lent sees the old city come alive with processions and homage to the Virgin Mary and Jesus of Nazareth. This builds until we reach “Semana Santa” or Holy Week – when there starts a sequence of processions on Palm Sunday and continues through the week until Good Friday and on to Easter Sunday itself. Each of these marches becomes more spectacular leading up to Easter Sunday : floats (“Andas”) depicting the crucifixion weighing up to 7000 lbs are carried on the shoulders of up to 100 “Curcuruchas” bearing the weight in their robes which start as purple on Palm Sunday – to black on Good Friday.
This unique series of processionals however is probably most famous for the “alfombras” or literally “carpets” of flowers that are laid out on the cobble stone streets for the participants at first to skirt around – but then to trample as the andas pass over them. The most spectacular are the alfombras along Antigua’s streets, meticulously designed and, ideally, completed just before the Good Friday procession begins. Sand or sawdust is generally used to level the cobblestone roadway. Sawdust is then collected and dyed in different colors. Favorite colors are purple, green, blue, red, yellow and black. Flowers such as bougainvillea, chrysanthemums, carnations, roses and other native plants and pine needles are also used.

It is almost impossible to get accommodation for this period in Antigua itself less than a year in advance, so if you want to consider mixing this spectacle with a fishing trip to Guatemala, we advise to really consider booking now ! Antigua is (literally “antigua”) the old capital of Guatemala (read more about it on our blog here http://www.greatsailfishing.com/Fishing_Guatemala/), and makes an easy day trip from the coast and a relaxing layday from fishing.

Easter is relatively early this year – which means some of our groups have been able to successfully combine Holy Week with some spectacular fishing. While this season has many times been characterized as “mixed” given the unusually volatile weather patterns and the blue water flows that follow it – this last few weeks has really settled down into a steady and consistent pattern that makes for stress-free fishing (for the anglers that is !).
Our boats have been finding plenty of bait pods within 30 miles of the marina, each pod surrounded by voracious sailfish. There have been sufficient numbers of these large schools spread over a line that stretched for over 15 miles, that the fleet have largely been fishing (and catching) out of sight of each other – but within safety range.
Each boat has been raising 15-20 sailfish per day in comfortable sunny weather and calm seas – with strong catch&release rates. There are still plenty of good size Blue Marlin being caught in the 300-600lb class – as well as (somewhat unusually for this early in the year) a lot of “gaffer” dolphin.

We are still fishing hard, but have availability going forward – so if you are considering a trip, now is a great time to go. Please call us at 1-877-763-0851 or email me at kevin@GreatSailfishing.com

If you would like to consider seeing some of the spectacle talked about above – really do think about contacting us NOW, as after Easter will likely be too late to reserve prime spots.

Our Favorite Fishing Quote for the week:

"It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming."

~ John Steinbeck

Les, Carlos, Kevin and Jim
The GreatSailfishing Company

Contact us at:


or to register for our weekly fishing report and other
> information please click here :

> http://www.greatsailfishing.com/en/register.html

Have a great day and tight lines!
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