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Los Cabos (SJD) Report 12/08/2012

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:10 am
by tat.tatterson
Monster dorado were the hit of our week (pardon the pun). When I say monster, I mean normal TV monsters… not the once in a lifetime, 3-D feature film, 75 lb monsters, just your solid 30-50’s that make life worth living.

When Mexico put dorado on their “guarded sportfish list” a couple of years ago, I’m sure that this is what they were hoping for… good fishing reports. While there are still plenty of illegal netters and “no-limit” sportfishers out there, I feel that we are making headway.

As a matter of fact, a couple of times this week when we’d get decent toad dorado hooked up and think we had the leader of the pack, the whole dang bunch of ‘em were toads. We figured when we hit these schools (for lack of a better word), we’d found a population of University or at least Community College specimens… definitely not Grade-Schoolers.

The moon is going away and personally I think it has more of a psychological effect on some anglers than it does on the fish. We powered right through the full-moon phase with nary a hiccup in the fishing, just had to convince our anglers of that :-)

Combined with good, steady action on football Yellowfin at Iman (we did not look for cows at Gordo this week but there are some still there) and somewhat decent wahoo trolling we had a very nice week. Water temps are holding nicely and the coming week you’ll see Little Sister out on the southern marks targeting Stripers and what we hope are more undergrad dorado as well.

We do have a cow request for mid-week and hope to beat our personal best tuna if mid-December is as good to us as it has been in recent years.

Thanks for reading and if you have two extra minutes take a look at a short video we put together of a trophy halibut release in Alaska last August.

Have a great week!
-Capt. Tat