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Los Cabos (SJD) Report 04/06/2013

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:10 am
by tat.tatterson
Still in the 70’s… and holding (water temps that is). 2013 has treated us well so far with only a smattering of upper-60 degree water days. We’ve found the magic number to be 72 for our winter pelagics and the marlin seem to agree. As these billfish are pushed our way (San Jose) by the more frigid waters in the open Pacific, they are stacking up nicely both nearshore on the points and at the offshore Banks as well.

Our guests have managed at least one marlin release a day (more often than not, multiple) for months now which is a nice change of pace when compared to recent years of semi-ghostal pelagics in February, March and into April. However, not much good news on the dorado front and what we do find tend to be smaller schoolies which go back into the drink.

Small to medium yellowtail have recently graced our coolers (to the delight of our SoCal friends) as well as an occasional AJ, wahoo, and roosterfish (CPR’d of course). Tuna have been a ways offshore and most days clients have chosen for the more sure bet of stripey’s and some bottomfish.

Looking at the satellite, our nice swirl of warm water (relatively speaking) is solid and thick, showing signs of hanging in there for us as we wait for the late Spring turnover and the deep blue of early summer. It won’t be long before the tuna and dorado start making more than cameos in the box and on the Barbie.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about the start of our Alaska season next month, but rest assured that the winning team of Juan and Carlos will be here to put folks on the fish in the meantime.
Have a great week!
-Capt. Tat