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End of the Daze 2012?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:22 pm
by sandmark
Well, it has been a very difficult bonefishing season this Fall; and I may have to reassess my fishing methods, months, and means. I have never worked so hard to see so few bonefish. With over 150 rod hours of Fair-weather flats fishing and only 5 hook-ups, I believe the population is diminishing, as has my energy level, because my efforts have been exhausted. The cooler weather is here now; so I will try again next year at a different time, perhaps June, when I can take a crack at Tarpon too, if the bones are not around. Being on the flats is a great experience regardless of catchingfish; but my concerns about bonefish health have increased this year.

I recently read an article from the Miami Herald about the lack of bones in Florida Bay; and Keys
tournament results seem low on bonefish numbers as well, with fishers targeting other flats
species, which also causes me to wonder where the bonefish have gone. With my limited data
collection, I could be wrong; so I hope more information is out there on this topic.

Thank you,

Mark Sanders