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some tough but good fishing 6/29

PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:00 pm
by Capt Dan Medina
June 29th, we had a great weather window, so we put a crew together and shot out to do some deep exploring.

We sabiki'd up a ton of nice hand size pins before making the run out deep.

Story of the trip was ZERO tidal flow/current. We would drift an area and move 40 ft in 10 minutes. We did find a floating 55 gallon garbage can that had all sorts of life. It had lots of small banded rudderfish, a giant school of yellowtail snapper, and a few good size tripletail. We picked off the 3 keepers, biggest at 19.5". The jacks wouldnt allow us to get to the yellowtail. Go figure. We also had a small school of mahi come around. We caught 5 or 6 but let them go as theh were smaller 18" fish.
As far as the bottom bite went, We picked off 1 fish at a time,l in various depths, ranging as deep as 300 ft, not getting anything decent going until about 2 AM when we started to see some snapper action in shallower 140ish). Some good size mangos, a handful of vermillion and lanes and 1 legal ars made the box. The morning bite brought some decent grouper, with the biggest being a solid 31 inch fish. Winds picked up on our way back in and I was happy to lay in my ocean tamer bean bag and catch a quick nap.
Was a fun trip and we definitely earned what we had in the box. Learned a few things which I will apply towards my future trips.