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Dularge Trout Fishing On Fire!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:52 am
by Capt Bill Lake
Another great weekend of catching hundreds of speckled trout at the 'Lakehouse'! The fishing has been just as hot as the weather! I would like to thank this weeks customers including Sean Workman and crew from Hattisburg, MS who loved their 3 night stay at the lodge. Geoffrey Doke and crew, Craig Taylor , Samuel Comeaux, Tony from Vicksburg, MS. One more very good month left to catch the yellow mouths!! We have a few weekdays available in July so give us a call to get hooked up! Big thanks to Capts Brady Giroir, Ricky Brondum and Alden Bonvallain for a job well done and keeping the customers smiling! 500 plus fish the last 3 days and with calm seas in the forecast we should have another great week of fishing. Good luck fishing. Capt Bill Lake 985-637-3712