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May has been busy 5-2-08 to 5-30-2008

Texas - Port Arthur to Brownsville

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May has been busy 5-2-08 to 5-30-2008

Postby Capt.Bil » Fri May 30, 2008 3:10 pm


galveston bay -Rough trips in galveston bay. But, managing trout,sheephead and a few gafttop.


Offshore fishing from Galveston and freeport - Fishing has been holding so far when we can get out. the smaller ling are started to get bigger, red snapper is looking pretty good for opening in june. Have managed a few amberjack just over legal size within 50 out of galveston and freeport, the sharks are definitly in and captain Dan says he wants to get into some trips. Kingfish are in, full force we been catching some really good one's. You could say everything accross the board is in now. Captain Bill hasn't had a deckhand on the last few trips so i have no pictures.


6:30 am, water was dirty all the way out but the seas were calm. Went to some rigs in 180ft water that he said have been holding AJ's. On board were 3 guys The action was non stop first fish was a big Jack Crevalle, had a hookup that came off, then another AJ that hit. while they were resting. Fishing different setups on one trip sure lets you see what you really like. After we each had a fish in the box, we caught and released a bunch of fish including endangered texas red snapper. I also dropped a live piggie to the bottom and caught a fish which i surely thought was a grouper or shark but was a 40" ling. We also tried some spots for vermillion snapper with squid but none were home.The highlights of the trip was seeing some kings in a feeding frenzy and jumping straigt up 20ft in the air. We also saw a barracuda eat a small AJ that one of the guys had on and then a huge AJ came up and ate the head and what was left of the small AJ. Its the wild kingdom out there.


Bay trip prices Bay fishing makes for great family fishing in galveston texas in the bay the trout are starting to load up sand and specs,sheephead can be found also around structure smaller sharks are being caught in the 3-4' range with a sometimes 5'ter. The gaftop catfish is back in full force some big ones are being brought in around 5-7lbs with a occ. 10lber. Haven't seen any summer flounder, but, they are probably are around bolivar flats you need to wade for these under lights at night be careful of the sting rays, whiting is everywhere right now also. Jetty fishing has been slowing down so I am now booking the full day bay fishing trips for trout,gaftop,redfish,smaller over legal shark.And the spanish mackeral are hopping around the jetty around.

Offshore Galveston fishing reports 5-23-2008

The winds have made us pick and choose our fishing days offshore prices .Bill, Dan,Mike,Joel,Marc haven't seen any tarpon at all. The water temp up to 50 miles is 84-85 degrees now.The offshore sharks are comming in up to 5-7' for blacktips,have seen alot of tigers this year and hammerheads galore out of galveston.Unbelieveable the shark fishing has been pretty good so far out of galveston. The snapper is so ready right now nice and big. Since the number change think we will see more than what we can stand to give up resist the temptation marine officers will get you.All 5 boats are bringing in ling,a few mahi here and there hard to find right now,shark,we have been bringing in some big kings this year,amberjack from deep water along with some big grouper,Tuna is still comming in really good from boomvang and if you want yellowfin they are out in full force at Nansen rig deep deep water,On Nansen you will need the master so we have to arrange for bill to be onboard with Captain Dan. I also have a freeport captain to run nansen and boomvang same prices Tuna Prices click here


trout and redfish fishing in galveston bay for the tripplett family. This trip was awsome Captain Bill really had a nice group on fished for 4 hrs. early morning left the dock around 5:00am and motored around to some different areas nice and quite no one out so we decided to anchor something he doesn't do very often, Boated about 6 good size croaker kids got a kick out of the noises they make and managed 2 sheephead, 6 gaftop catfish,and 3 specs all legal fish, They did manage 2 big redfish very worth a tag he said. He said kids were great very wel behaved water kids.The kids did managed to find the only ray in the bay hahaha and played that till they were exhausted it was fun guess you could hear them all the way to the cruise ship hahaha.. It was pretty muggy outside we fished until 9:00am then came in when the sun came up pretty good. Thanks for the good time I really enjoyed these people .what a sense of humor ! Don't forget to send Captain Bill those colored fish pictures boys I would love to post them on a new kids page I am starting.
Tight Lines
MasterCaptain Bill Curry http://www.workingmancharters.com

5-28 & 29-2008

flower garden trip left dock on the 28th at 11:00pm retuned at 2:00pm on the 29. 57 blackfin,1 shark ,1 wahoo,2 amberjack,14 vermillion,2 lane, No yellowfin, 3 decent ling. when the bite is on it's on no sleep but, lots of fun!


Jetty Fishing is heating up Man if the limits were up were could be racking up the shark they seem to be everywhere up to 5' blacktips and spinners and Offshore The hammerheads are hammering it out around 42 miles. Trout and croaker are in good sizes too nice keepers,sheephead is scattered at the jetty right now. Gafftop are comming in still up to 8lbs. I mean good size ones. We have seen and caught a few big reds but, not near as many as what we have been seening. Right now the main fishing is shark,trout,gafftop,croaker, a few reds mixed with slots. MasterCaptain Bill Curry http://www.workingmancharters.com


My gosh more SHARKS ! seems every bait you throw in comes in with shark. Funny had some kids onboard and their trout were being eaten by sharks of course Bill said the kids thought it was really cool and they were getting exhausted. But, Ole' Bill would have rather moved to get the trout bite better. But, it is the people's choice so they stayed. After a couple hrs. they agreed to move for some take home fish ended the day with 9 slot reds,1 big redfish,2 jetty snapper LEGAL,and 4 croaker oh and some nice gafftop weighed about 5lbs a piece. had a good cooler full of fish. Kids were tickled parents were sick hahahaha. sorry had to say that. Take Care momma hope that baby comes soon. Tight Lines
Master Captain Bill Curry - Workingman Charters

Left for 2nd trip to the Gardens report to come on the 30th
MasterCaptain Bill Curry
USCG Master 1108123
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