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Fishing report for Galveston 6-14,16-2008

PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:20 pm
by Capt.Bil
Was a pretty good weekend besides the afternoon winds a might choppy going out and comming in.Had some happy customers this weekend bringing in some big snapper,and ling and kingfish. Sharks are still thick as theives out tearing up the snapper or anything else they see or smell.These 15knot winds are just killers on the body and just not worth it sometimes.

Unfortunatly Captain Bill no offense had the chummers still they caught fish and after the intial shock of seasickness they were ok. and also boated some nice fish.No mahi on either trip saw alot of scattered weeds but, no mahi at all were hiding. We are figuring around july we should see them
Tight Lines
Master captain Bill Curry
Workingman Charters

Fish caught from Both trips, were full limits of both snapper red and vermillion
Amberjack,Limits on Ling,both boats Shark,kingfish everywhere easy limits,about 20 triggerfish
2 spade throw backs, pulled in keeper spanish mackeral

Doesn't sound like alot of fish but, we are talking 12 people it was alot of meat.