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Tarpon Rising

Capt. Bert Barkus
March 22, 2009
Chokoloskee - Saltwater Fishing Report

The tarpon have been pretty spread out,but their here in numbers if you have the conditions to spot them ,or blow one out when your searching.
By searching I DON"T mean running threw a bay and blow one out.
What i'm refering to is to pole around and search where you just might fine a few.
Nothing can be worse then to run a big motor threw a bay and expect to be able to fish that bay even after you have blown one out by running.
These big tarpon at that point know your there and your only hope is that their are so many around, you just might get a shot or 2.But the chances are few between.At the least uses a troling motor and stop well of your suspected area and then troll in VERY SLOWLY.
I personally hate troling motors,but sometimes it's a must for some of us because poling is out of the qyestion, also turn of all electrical fields on your boat.Once the water temp is near to the air temp,and the sun is up enough, the air will warm, and the Big guys are on top.
Don't just throw at the fish with out knowing which way she' looking.
Drop that fly softly and you just might connect.
If so,Hold on cause the Fish,I've been fishing are 1oo pounds or better.
Refering back to the middle of the page about stealth,I had a boat run right threw the middle of a lsrge bay way back in the lostmans Area and basically screwed up the enitre site.
Cutting back and forth for some reason, then blowing out of the bay with a 20 foot high tail behing him.
That morning we had chance after chance, them I felt it was time to give it a rest so we staked out in the middlle of the bay and ate lumch. That's just when a the fast a..hole flew there.Then their wasn't a tarpon to be found on top,they went streight to the bottom,and or they were movin on.
It was time to try my other spots that few people know about.My angler wasn't too happy about what happend, and as I was leaving he was so angry, that when we saw the same boat south about 5 miles away he pleated with me to go there to give him a few choice words.I wouldn't do it,especily now that guns ae allowed in the park if you have an consealed gun permit.
All aside tarpon are here in the 30lb -150 Plus range.
It's been some fun,but the weather plays the most important part of tarpon fishing in the everglades.
Capt.Bert Barkus

Chokoloskee Fishing Forecast:

WE need weather stability for the fish to really turn on.
Pleanty of Mackeral & Blues off shore,and trout in their holes.

Target Species:

Snook -Laid up Tarpon-Reds-or whatevers biting.

More Fishing Reports:


Primary Fly Fishing,but also Spin and Plug Casting for Snook,Tarpon and Redfish.

Contact Info:

Chokoloskee Island Charters
P.O.Box 703
Chokoloskee, FL 34138
Phone: 239-695-1044
Alt. Phone: 239-695-1044
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