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Everglades City, Chokoloskee and Everglades National Park

Capt. Charles Wright
August 6, 2004
Everglades City - Saltwater Fishing Report

The Yak Attack

The season sub-tropical rains are definitely here.  While we have had lots of rain here, the upland area to the north of us has had even more.  This causes a massive influx fresh water to our fishery.  While this is the “natural order” of things, it does change the fishing somewhat.

The fresh water dumping into the backcountry and draining out to the open, obviously, drops the overall salinity of the entire area. However, in some locations, the salinity can drop so much that the water is “fresh” to the taste.  The overall drop is enough this time of year that gators can often be seen along the outside beaches instead of the deep backcountry  Yes, they will take a top water plug if you are not careful!.

This inundation of freshwater changes things, of course.  Fish less tolerant of the fresh water move away from it.  Those more tolerate move around and through it.  Bait fish, particularly “white bait” are going to be very difficult to find, while largemouth bass move closer to the area most fish.

This flush of the backcountry also changes the color of the water.  The areas near the rivers tend to be darker from the stained water flowing out of the back. This can create a definitive tide line that should not be over looked in your days fishing.Vickie and I have been away on a “Busman’s Vacation” and I have been off the water here all but for a few days.  However, talking to others, the fishing has been less than “stellar”.

For anglers sight fishing in the back country, the increased volume and depth has made things tougher.  The window of time when the water is shallow enough to actually see the fish has shortened up quite a bit.  During the low water periods, however, plenty of snook and a few smaller tarpon are being caught regularly.  However, as the water rises, the fish have been moving deep back under the mangroves, essentially un-reachable … simply a time to change locations.

For the last week, at least, we have had a southwest to west breeze.  This has made the outside waters very turbid.  Fishing the river mouths or the use of natural baits has still been

quite productive as have the flats for speckled trout.The rains are good, but we need more … a good week or two of steady non-stop rain would be nice.  Everyone is still running around doing the “Chokoloskee Macaraina” swatting skeeters. A long period of rain is our best hope for best hope.  By the way, a word of advice from experience, stay out of the creeks (unless, of course, you have the in-laws aboard) … there is way too much dancing involved!!!

Chokoloskee Charters and

Everglades Kayaks have just introduced a new boat to the fleet … one that is dedicated to the transport of kayak anglers and their gear.  She’ll run 40+ in 12-14” of water while hauling six anglers in comfort.  On board are seven completely outfitted fishing kayaks, fishing tackle, support and safety gear for all, and enough cooler space to handle a moose!  It is easy to tell that she is going to be a blast. Every angler who has been aboard so far really likes the

boat and the kayak fishing experience in the remote areas.  The wives epecially seem to like being on her.However she still needs a name. If you have any suggestions, please email me …

CaptWright@ChokoloskeeCharters.com.  I sent an email to my anglers

requesting the same.  I received lots of suggestions … The Yak-Rack, Yak-Pack, Long Shot, La Madre, Kaya-King and Yak Attack to name a few.  One said it looked like a “Sardine Can”.  Another wanted to call it the Pelican because it looks like pelican with a load of fish in her bill.  I need some help.

Tight lines!!

Capt. Charles Wright

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Chokoloskee Charters.com and Everglades Kayak Fishing.com is your complete outfitter for fishing Everglades National Park. Fish the Everglades backcountry, the beaches, 10,000 islands, river and wrecks with the most experienced guides in the area. With flats boats, bays boats, offshore boats and even kayak transport boats for our fleet of outfitted fishing kayaks, we can offer a complete, multi-day, fishing experience. Capt. Charles Wright - Fishing the Park Since 1972 Catch the Experience

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