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Naples & Marco Island, FL

Capt. Roan zumFelde
June 20, 2005
Naples - Saltwater Fishing Report

Fly Fishing in Naples

Fished a couple of aggravated anglers the other day. The two arrived with bleack outlooks on the fly fishing in our area. I asked what prompted this and to make a long story short they related there past horror stories with there guides. They clearly stated that this was there last shot for this area of Florida. Well, It really aggravates me to hear this kind of story and I WANTED TO WRITE ABOUT THIS. I hear this story too many times from anglers and guides alike. On the one side you have the anglers who say the fishing is to tough and the fish are uncatchable. On the other side you have the Guides who say well If I had better anglers maybe they could have caught more. Who is right? I am still not sure. I do know this. When you say that you specialize in Fly Fishing you need to be more than just a fish finder. When you are a Fly Angler don't expect a guide who specializes in catching fish with bait to be able to put you on fish with a fly rod. Too many times these two combinations end in dissaster, sure a blind hog finds a peanut, but usually not. I believe a good guide should be able to put the angler on fish that is catchable for their skill level. I have heard it over and over, well I did my job the fish were there they just couldn't get the fly to them or they couldn't get the fish hooked up. I have caught myself saying it too. To be a good Fly Guide you not only need to find fish but sometimes you need to be a coach or maybe for lack of a better term a Fly Therapist. You need to bring the best out in your anglers and not give up on them. Too many times you hear from anglers, the guide said I will never catch anything on that we need to use bait. Well Bull ____! This usually means the guide is either to lazy or not competent enough to find fish for you to catch. In fly fishing you do not always have to load the boat with fish sometimes its the experience that counts and doing something for the frist time. My fondest memories are of the people that I have guided to there first Tarpon, Snook, or Redfish, not that we caught a 100 this day. OK, enough guide bashing lets talk about the anglers some. Anglers have to have a reasonable expectation on what they are going to catch. If you have never picked up a fly rod and are expecting to load the boat with snook in the middle of winter, well lets say it's not going to happen. You better stick to throwing bait, you will have a better chance. IF you want to have a good time and catch some fish on a Fly Rod than lets go, there are Jacks, and Ladyfish, Trout and small Snook that will bend the rod. Or come back and fish the late spring and summer where your casting prowess is only to get the fly out of the boat and you will probably catch a couple of Snook or maybe even a Tarpon. For the advanced anglers remmeber it is called fishing not catching and sometime the fish just will not cooperate. I do know this, you need as a guide to be a straight shooter don't tell people they are going to load the boat if you know the conditions to dictate otherwise. Anyhow, back to the fishing, the two anglers I talked about in the begginning with a little coaching had a wonderful morning they each caught a half a dozen snook and each jumped a couple of Tarpon. I love the summer. I hope I didn't offend anyone with this writing, I just thought it had to be said. Good Casting Capt. Roan z.

Offshore Fishing in Naples

The offshore fishing is hot, hot, hot! The nearshore wrecks have permit, Cobia, Tarpon, and Huge Snook. I would say Snapper too but it is hard to catch them and get them to the surface without them being eaten by something bigger. Well offshore there are BlackFin Tuna on the Shrimp Boats and tons of Flase Albacore. You can't go wrong any way you turn this month and next whether it be inshore or off. If you would like to book a trip either inshore or offshore call or email us at info@fishingextremes.com or to receive our quarterly newsletter send us your mailing information or log on to www.fishingextremes.com and click on Newsletter. Thanks Roan z.

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Rz's Fishing Extremes specializes in Light Tackle and Fly Fishing the inshore and offshore waters of Naples, Marco, and in the Everglades for Largemouth Bass. Capt. Roan z, is a Fly Casting Instructor and Fly Tying Instructor with Numerous Contracted Fly Patterns. Capt. Roan enjoys taking begginer to advanced fly anglers to experience a fantastic time and learning experience on the waters of South West Florida.

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Rz's Fishing Extremes
2800B Shoreview Dr.
Naples, FL 34112
Phone: 239-269-4426
Alt. Phone: 239-774-6036
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