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Salmon River NY Fishing Report

Randy Jones
November 30, 2012
Salmon River - Freshwater Fishing Report

Salmon River Pulaski NY Guide:
Complementary Guide Fishing Report Tips:
The Winter lyes are all with fish. I noticed today that some of the MANY Steelhead that had been holding in this Winter lye had moved to a lil slower water. Spreading out. Preparing for the long Winter, wanting to conserve energy.
Altmar recieved approx. 14-16 inch's of heavy wet snow Sunday night. It's all shoveled and compressed down. Sunny skies, no wind (chill), no lake effect snow, temp's around 36 degrees, no ice in the guides, roads in great shape, fresh snow on all the trees, very very few anglers around, could fish anywhere I wanted. It's hammer Time!
Monday Guide Fishing Report:
We were a respectable 3 for 13 today off the drift boat with 2 experienced anglers. A couple broke off at the net. First spot was a combined Transitional holding and Winter holding location. Played with 9 Steelhead! Pulled anchor and visited another normally productive combined Transitional holding and Winter holding lye. Within a short 1/2 hour we had played with 4 Steelhead. Ye-Haa! Largest fish landed was a nice Winter resident 12 lb. Steelhead. We had a larger (approx. 14 lb. Male) on, that gave us one hell of a show before being lost. It jumped 4-5 times, 3-4 feet out of the water, sounding like a cinder block upon splash down and some reeeeel smok'n torpedo runs.
The Salmon River, where memories are made!
Tues. Guide Friends Fishing Report:
His first spot they played with 5-6 Steelhead. Next spot they hit another 4-5 Steelhead. First and second spots were a combined Transitional holding and Winter holding location. Last spot was a Transitional holding location. No fish were surprisingly played with here.
All of the above fish were released for your, your friends and your children's future fishing fun!
One of the most common questions I'm asked:
Where should I fish?
I always recommend that you fish the water that you know the best. Otherwise, here is a lil tip - trick to finding new and exciting Steelhead spots in the Winter time.
After it snow's is one of the best times to explore and try new and exciting water. Just follow the compressed snow trails to the waters edge.
These trails are not made by new angler's. They are made by anglers who know the spots. Who is going to walk in a foot of fresh snow for any distance unless there is a solid shot of a pot of Silver waiting at the end of the trail? I wouldn't.
One time I wanted to scout out a new location. I waited a couple of days after a good snow fall. All I had to do was follow the compressed snow on the trails and it led me to exactly the correct spots to fish. Sa-Zaam!
This could be you! :) Ye-Haaaa!
(See all Photo's @ www.yankeeangler.com - Fishing reports (More Tips, Articles, Pic's and my usual Ramblings :)
A couple of 20lb. Steelhead Bucks from Pucker Brush Creek, N.Y. - Ye-haa!
(Released for yours and your kids future fishing pleasure)
(See Photo)
This heated fish catching machine awaits you!
(John Halnon photo credit)
Stay tuned for more entertainingly informative and mildly educational reports and articles on this never-ending virtual fishing trip with your host Randy "The Yankee Angler" and friends.
I sincerely hope that what little I've been able to share with you will help you along the path to more enjoyable, safe, knowledgeable fishing.
Thanks for stopping in and spending your valuable internet fishing time here :)
Hope your all enjoying this great fishing!
Best Fish's,
Randy Jones

Salmon River Fishing Forecast:


Target Species:

Steelhead Salmon Brown Trout

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