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Lake Erie walleye Jig-n-Minnow action is HOT

Capt. Tom Chambers
April 21, 2009
Lake Erie - Freshwater Fishing Report

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Thump...thump...thump...bang...Get the net!

Snap-jigging isn't a finesse sport and jig-fishing on Erie today proved highly effective for Mac, AlgaeKilla and Graham, along with Frank, and friends....aboard the Erie Quest.

We used various hair jigs, but best colors seemed to be purple, blue, or chartruse.

Mac and Chuck made good on this Lake Erie walleye trip with Erie Quest!

Basically, we were casting and hopping jigs back to the boat, as well as "Snap-jigging".....which consists of lowering a jig to the bottom, & aggressively snapping it up a couple of feet, then letting it free-fall back to the bottom. It works best when drifting. Always use jigs tipped with stinger hooks.

When "Snap-jigging" you're not ripping it away from the fish. You are forcing the fish to make a decision, which is exactly the opposite of holding something in front of them and enticing them to bite. Trust the walleye made a lot of decisions today....many in our favor.

Think of it like this....with snap-jigging, you are trying to catch them by surprise and force them to react."

I like to employ this technique when I am fishing open water walleye, that encourage long drifts. That can include Zebra mussel laden flats, breaklines or reefs, surrounded by deep water. Depths where snap-jigging is effective are typically 25 feet or less. Today we found several large pods of fish in these types of areas
I was sharing with AlgaeKilla, Graham, and Mac today that when a jig gets "ripped" through the water, and it makes a commotion....that gets the walleyes' attention. Graham changed jig colors and had a very stong finish with the the Erie 'eyes.

Captain's Tip:
"You will detect more strikes if you carefully watch your line and rod tip. Many times, you will see a that you cannot feel. If you see your line twitch were it enters the water, or the line moves slightly to the side, set the hook!

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Lake Erie Fishing Forecast:

The best time for Trophy Walleyes is in April and May, during our spring season and again in the fall, in September and October. Some of these lunkers are 10-14 pounds. If you are looking for numbers and want to have a lot of fun, then come see us in May, June or July and feel the excitement when a walleye crashes your lure!

Erie Quest Charters utilizes time tested Walleye tackle and techniques that work. Whether vertical jigging, bottom bouncing or drift casting - your trip will be one that you and your group will long remember for years to come.

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