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Fishing Reports by Capt. Steve Souther

5:20 AM

Great Sport Fishing Trip - Some of our guests that fish with us in Fort Lauderdale just seem to be lucky and that certainly includes Rudy. Lucky at fishing is always good. He showed up with a new group of guys and was hoping for more of what we'd had the last trip. Some Mahi-M more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

3:47 AM

Family Fishing Fun Fort Lauderdale Style - Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is just one of the many attractions of things to do while visiting us. Many families come for the sun, the beaches and to generally relax and have some fun. Our family today has fished with us 5 times before and had very po more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

8:05 AM

Big Sharks Make Fishing Tough And Fun - While fishing off Fort Lauderdale has improved, especially in the reef area, landing a complete fish has gotten harder. Kingfish and Bonitos are plentiful this time of year and following them are some of the largest sharks we catch all season. It's f more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

4:55 AM

Good Fishing Great Weather Fort Lauderdale - Calm seas, light winds, sunny skies and some great fishing… Does this sound good to you? Well, this is what we've had for the last week or so here in Fort Lauderdale. Our guests are having a blast catching all kinds of fish in near perfect south Flor more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

3:32 AM

Great Fishing Continues In Fort Lauderdale - I usually write about one trip with how it happened but this week has been so good it's hard to pick just one. We've had a great week catching fish of all sorts from small to large. Let me give you a rundown of what's been going on. The troll has more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

7:34 AM

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Improves - Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is on the upswing, as it usually is this time of year. April is a kind of starting point where our springtime fishing increases the number of fish and species we catch. Those winter months are usually Sailfish season and ev more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

8:05 AM

Family Fishing Fun - Most fishing trips that have family and friends involve the hope of catching some fish to eat. Dave, his daughter Betsy or Boo as he called her and the rest of the group were looking to barbecue something later that day. Most on board had done some f more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

4:22 AM

Summertime Fishing In March - We have had an unusual year as far as our weather here in Fort Lauderdale. While most of you have been freezing your butts off, we have been experiencing higher than normal temperatures. The cold fronts we did have didn't stay long and the water neve more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

5:08 AM

Mahi Madness In March - Fort Lauderdale's time table for fishing has been a bit off this year. While everyone up north are freezing or shoveling, we in the south have been experiencing warmer weather than normal. The Sailfish that were due in January and February came throu more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

3:22 PM

Fort Lauderdale Sailfish Fishing Report - Our Sailfish fishing in Fort Lauderdale is best in the winter months and this fishing report is about one trip the other day. Our family came from Saskatchewan, Canada, quite a ways to come for an all-day fishing trip. Roger brought his wife Patty an more...
Capt. Steve Souther - Fort Lauderdale

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