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Fishing Reports by Capt. Ralph Delph

10:59 AM

FIRST CLASS ACTION IN KEY WEST - The winter fishing season has begun with unusually cool weather for this early in the Key West area. Water temperatures along the reef have already hit a low of 70 degrees on occasion, and with the cool water, winter species have arrived in mass. more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

5:39 PM

TARPON andTUNA - WOW! A week of 20 to 25 knot winds and now, 25 to 30. For those brave enough to fight the winds and seas offshore, large dolphin have been their reward. Many DOLPHIN from 25 to 60 pounds have been taken this past week. Run and gun on the frigate bird more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

11:39 AM

NOW IS THE TIME FOR KEY WEST - The Gulfstream has pushed in tight against the reef at Vestal Shoals and continues along the face of the reef to at least American light. The current is at least 3 knots and will suck a full size anchor ball below the surface. This will again introdu more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

9:57 AM

SPRING IS SPRINGING - The northern edge of the Gulfstream is approximately 15 miles south of Key West at the time of this report. However, a residual eastbound current exists from the northern edge of the stream to the face of the reef. This sets up a favorable condition more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

4:45 PM

PLAY GOLF THIS WEEK - OFFSHORE: The Gulfstream is flowing from the southwest and pushing near the reef line just to the southwest of Cosgrove light, south of the Marquises keys. From there it continues flowing to the east, approximately 3 miles to the south of Sandkey lig more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

4:12 PM

KEY WEST FISHING and SPECIAL NOTE - OFFSHORE: The Gulfstream is pushing to within 7 miles of Sand Key light and to within 2 miles of Looe Key, bringing 77 degree water to the edge of the outer reefs. The water is a deep blue and very clear. To the west, the water has a blue-green tint more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

12:30 PM

GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS - If you have been keeping up with our recent fishing reports and blogs, referring to the recent cold water and fishing conditions, you might ask yourself, How do he know? But if you live long enough, history has a way of repeating its self. This is more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

1:52 PM

Fishing Key West In Cold Weather - OFFSHORE: The Gulfstream has moved to within 2 to 4 miles south of Sand Key light. This has kept the temperatures along the reef line in the mid 70 degree range, however with the incoming tides the temperatures have climbed to around the high 70's. T more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

7:50 AM

FISHING KEY WEST-NEW YEAR - OFFSHORE: The Gulfstream remains well so the south, (35 miles south of Key West) leaving the water outside of the reef with a greenish tint and visibility along the reef to about 25 feet. The water temperature has been in the mid 70's through out mos more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

11:24 AM

FISHING KEY WEST at CHRISTMAS 2009 - OFFSHORE: The Gulfstream has moved well offshore leaving the water near shore with a blue-green tent and a temperature of 78 degrees. This has pushed most of the Blackfin Tuna further east with most of the action due south of Key West. Little Tunny a more...
Capt. Ralph Delph - Key West

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