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Fishing Reports by Capt. Rich Antonino

9:49 AM

Ice on the boat and tuna on the deck!!!! - Whoa! Holy moly. What a day of tuna fishing. I still can't believe that we have such a fishery 15 miles off of our coast in Green Harbor. I'm sooooo glad I have a cabin! We scraped the ice off of the deck chair and gunnels this morning, but the promi more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

7:12 PM

Family tuna action on Stellwagen Bank - What makes a great day of fishing? Seriously, this is important to consider. First, your company. Who are you fishing with? Why are you fishing with them? Second, the ambiance. Are you and the crew ready to have fun out there? Are the conditions cond more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

10:01 AM

120# bluefin tuna on third cast!! - Well well well. We got out there on Stellwagen and hooked up on our third cast. I love starting the day like this. First, let me say I was excited to take this party out there again. They fished with me this summer and Matt and I both said that it wa more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

9:27 PM

Big swells, great bluefin tuna on Stellwagen Bank - Well, with predicted seas of 8-10 foot today, it was too rough to run a charter. It wouldn't have been right, although things did turn out ok for the day on the water. That is to say, with a prediction as they did today, I didn't want to have my cust more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

8:02 PM

Cod and Pollack on Stellwagen Bank - Nice, nice shared charter today. The weather was perfect and the company was even better. All repeat customers today, fishing for cod, mostly with jigs in water 240-280' deep. We hit some great cod and a huge pollack in 270' of water at Pile 265. Joe more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

8:42 AM

Tuna and cod on three trips on the Black Rose! - Sunday, September 21 Well, a run+gun tuna trip right in the middle of a tuna tournament!!! We weren't competing, but it was fun hearing the talk on the radio. We started with a great group of guys right off the bat. I knew it would be fun fishing more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

9:52 AM

cod and sharks on Stellwagen Bank with Black Rose Fishing - Great day on the water! It was an extended combo day, starting with tuna and ending with cod, with a little (big) shark thrown in for good measure. We started with a decent swell/chop coming from the N/NW, but the forecast was for it to switch to the more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

9:31 PM

Grander Mako hooked and lost - You've been hereby notified---there's a shark out there with my hook in it's mouth and I want it back. Badly. For the next couple of weeks, or until my addiction goes away (read: we catch that fish), I want to shark fish at every opportunity. I'm sic more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

7:15 PM

Huge Sharks on Stellwagen Bank - Perfection. Yes. I think that today was the perfect trip. It hasn't really happened before, but we were close today. Why? It was a shark trip for one person who was in from Idaho and he wasn't concerned about taking catch home. So, shark fishing it w more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

7:51 AM

Four Days of Fishing!! - Thursday, August 21 We ran a shared charter today, all on the troll. Once again, first thing in the morning, we had a nice takedown on the pink squid bar and we were off to the races! I love starting the day like that. It makes it all downhill fro more...
Capt. Rich Antonino - Stellwagen Bank

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