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Fishing Reports by Capt. Rick Rodriguez

7:44 AM

Islamorada Seahorse Sport Fishing - If you want to catch Sailfish, now is the time to come down. Fishing has been very good for Sailfish, Kingfish, Mutton/Yellowtail Snapper, Blackfin Tuna, and occasional Cobia. A variety of methods have proved successful in catching Sailfish lately more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

8:07 AM

Sailfish - Sailfish, Blackfin Tunas, Kingfish and snappers have been the latest and greatest here in Islamorada. The wind and cold weather are pushing fish migrations down the edge of the reef fish our way. We have had a lot of fun! more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

5:33 AM

Sailfish and snappers - Sailfish action is picking up now. We are also catching some cobia, Snapper, Kingfish, Blackfin Tunas, and a variety of other sport fish. If you come down to Islamorada to fish you will have a good fish catching experience. Most of the Hotels and r more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

6:37 AM

Islamorada of shore fun - We have had some green water come through the area and it is starting to clear up. Reef fishing for snappers, yellow tail snappers, wahoo, kingfish, occasional, mahi, cobia, and grouper have been very good. A few sailfish are popping up from time t more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

5:50 AM

Islamorada off shore report - We have been catching some Sailfish on the edge of the reef along with Mahi Mahi, Kingfish and some snappers. Overall fishing has been very good. Many boats have been getting out plenty of tourist staying in our local hotels and resorts. more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

9:17 AM

Sailfish kingfish yellowtail and tunas - Great fishing here in Islamorada for a variety of species. You really don't know what you are going to get. Everyday we have been catching a variety of snappers, Mahi, tuna and Kingfish. more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

9:48 AM

Sea horse charter boat open for business - Mahi , tuna, yellow eye snappers, yellow tail snappers, and occasional sailfish action now off shore of islamorada. Great fishing after the storm. Not much compietion out there. If you want the ocean to your self come down and fish with us now. more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

9:12 PM

Islamorada Sea Horse off shore report - Great fishing off shore around the Islamorada hump. Plenty of BlackFin Tunas and mahi Mahi. Swordfish action is picking up! To catch a swordfish you have to fish for them. The anglers that have pursued them have been catching them, more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

8:26 PM

Islamorada Sea Horse Off Shore Report - Mahi have been caught everyday this week by all the boats that have been fishing. The depths the mahi have been caught in have varied from day to day. However there has been plenty of them. At the Islamorada and 409 hump the bigger Tunas have be more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

12:12 AM

Islamorada sea horse off shore report - Islamorada Sea Horse Off Shore Report Report: Catching fish off shore from Islamorada is still as great as it has ever been for Mahi Mahi. The past few months have been extremely productive around patches of Sargasso weed, Floating isolated piec more...
Capt. Rick Rodriguez - Islamorada

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