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Oh what would Florida be without the Largemouth Bass? What do you think of when you think of Florida? Some may say sunshine or maybe orange trees, beaches, alligators or maybe Disney World.  For many, the mention of the Sunshine State brings images of beautiful waterways and the legendary Largemouth. 

Well, sadly, for a good part of the last 2 decades, that reputation of "Bass Capital of the World" has slipped a bit, especially with the advent of Tournament pressure and development of fertile waters in Texas, California and South of the Border. But I’m glad to announce that through good science and a cooperative fishing community the Bass are making quite a comeback in a number of our more famous waters. Here in Central Florida that would include such favorite destinations as Lakes Toho, Kissimmee, Walk in the Water and Rousseau among others. 

I guess one of the downsides may be that with this resurgence the pressure exerted on these lakes by tournaments is as strong as ever, but wait there's a silver lining. The constant splash plunk and rattle of the hardware chunking crowd has conditioned the bass to become as wary as ever to these more typical angling approaches. 

So what’s the point? Well these fish have to eat sometime and often times a softly landing popper or hair-bug is just what the chef ordered. Yes, Bassin on the fly is alive and well in Florida. 

But wait, I know what your thinking. Surely were talking about catching the garden variety 12-13 inchers right. Yeah – and fat chance of ever catching one of those lunkers that Florida is known for – right. Well I’m not going to lie and suggest that you could compete with the shiner chunkers and the flippers, but you just might be surprised at how frequently a respectable 5 - 8 pounder will swat a fly. 

Now I don't know about you, but a bass of that size sounds like a whale of fun on the fly and yes there is still that outside chance of that 10-pounder that everybody dreams of. Well have I got your attention yet. . . 

Bass Fishing on Fly

Are you one of the growing number of fisherman who have pretty much mastered the fishing in your area, be it Rainbow Trout, Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass etc.?  Are You looking for that new challenge to bring some new life and a sense of adventure to the sport? Or maybe you’re new to fishing and like so many saw the movie "A River Runs Through It" and are interested in getting into this "refined" approach to fishing. 

Well, no matter your experience level Largemouth Bass are just made to be caught on the fly. A typical fly fishing outing on our lakes and rivers here in Florida is likely to reward you with consistent action for beginner and expert alike. Just imagine your pulse quickening and the lump forming in your throat as a wake catches up to your bug and you anticipate the fight that’s about to take place. Sound like something straight off of ESPN? Well not hardly. Moments like these are likely for the moderately skilled and a definite possibility for the novice. 

The reason that bass are the perfect target for the beginner is that they are typically found in tannin stained waters that makes it possible to catch bass on the most modest of casts. 

Another fringe benefit is that while your looking for that next bass you can count on catching a very large variety of bluegill in the 1 lb. class that will readily eat a bass size bug and are surprisingly strong fighters as they are often mistaken for a bass until you get a better look at them. Also throw in the constant possibility of a lunker as even a 10 pounder can be tempted with the usual top water popping bug. 

Sounding pretty good? Well what if I told you that you can do all of this on your next trip to Disney? Yes, we offer trips as close as 20 minutes from the Magic Kingdom. So load up the kids and head for Disney and after the second or third day and your feet are hurting you will have the perfect escape. The fish are waiting so tell Me what you want to do and We will customize a trip just for you.


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