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Getting Prepared
For Fly Fishing Tampa

So youíve thought about it and you are seriously considering booking a guided light-tackle or fly fishing trip to Florida. Well here are some ideas to consider which should prepare you for a pleasant adventure.
1. Fly Fishing Tampa If You book a trip with me I am patient and able to assist you in improving your fly fishing and fly casting skills, however the more you practice and read up on the subject the more successful our joint fishing effort will be. So if you have never fly fished in salt water before (even if you are experienced in freshwater venues), I urge you to get a copy of Lefty Krehís little book of fly fishing and fully verse yourself in it. Or better yet get his video on the subject.
2. Fly Fishing Tampa Be in shape. Fly fishing is an athletic endeavor, good cardiovascular health is a plus so if you are out of shape and live in a northern climate you can be whipped in relatively short order wielding a flyrod in our heat and humidity. So get out and do some walking if necessary and you will reap benefits far beyond your trip.
3. Fly Fishing Tampa If you are a fly fisherman You probably already know this but I will mention it anyway. Learn how to appreciate the whole experience. Although I plan on you catching your share of the fish, there is a whole lot more to the fly fishing experience than catching fish. So be prepared to keep an eye out for your, shall I say fringe benefits. That might include bald eagles, waterfowl, porpoises or maybe a one of a kind sunrise.
4. Fly Fishing Tampa One of the quickest ways to spoil a trip to the Sunshine State is to get sun burned. Sun burn is not only painful after the day is over but it will wear you out physical and mentally during your outing and for some it can be quite dangerous. So donít do the macho thing, apply sunscreen before you leave the hotel room. This is the most effective method.
5. Fly Fishing Tampa If you canít see into the water you will be handicapped as you will not be able to see individual fish or underwater structure to cast to. So be prepared with a baseball or other long billed or brimmed hat along with sunglasses that are polarized as ordinary sun glasses are of little value on the water.
6. Fly Fishing Tampa Donít forget your camera. One of the most important parts of a trip is the memories of good times in beautiful places.
7. Fly Fishing Tampa Dress appropriately for the time of year. This might include at least a wind-breaker during the summer for a cool morning wind or heavier jackets and rain gear depending on the weather. Feel free to discuss this with your guide for seasonal recommendations.
8. Fly Fishing Tampa Drink plenty of fluids during warm weather to prevent dehydration. Plenty of water and soft drinks will be supplied.
9. Fly Fishing Tampa Feel free to ask questions. Your guide is there to make your trip memorable and will be glad to answer your fishing related questions.
10. Fly Fishing Tampa Relax. As your guide I will strive to make your outing stress free Because you were supposed to leave that at work.

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