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Fishing Reports by Capt. James Howard

11:28 AM

Great Weather and Great Trout Fishing - Trout Trout and more Trout! I'm so glad that the Trout are cold water fish and usually schooled up in big numbers this time of year… When our water temperature gets close to fifty degrees the best bet is Trout if you want numbers. You have to ca more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

11:32 AM

Winter Grind!!! - Our water temperature has hit the 50 degree mark after some extra cold weather this past week. When it gets that cold you can almost forget about the Red fish. They become so lethargic it's not really worth messing with them… It's time to stick wi more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

11:11 AM

Never Stop!!! - Fishing with Ken Weinstein from North Florida on January 4th it was all about catching a Red fish or two… Ken is a very avid angler and loves to catch Reds and I can't blame him because they are a lot of fun to catch in the back waters. We were wo more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

10:11 AM

The Way to Start the New Year!!! - What a great start to the New Year. The weather has been great and the fish have been abundant. There has also been some thick FOG… Leaving the dock Friday the 2nd with George Zitzewitz and his son Brett the visibility was about 100ft so it was a more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

11:48 AM

Great Weather and Great Fishing! - We had some beautiful weather last week and the fishing was as good as the weather!!! The Speckled Trout are still very thick even though a lot of them are under the slot size you will catch plenty enough that are legal if you want to eat a few… more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

12:01 PM

Same Old Song and Dance! - The wind is blowing and temperature dropped but the Trout are still bunched up!!! There has to be hundreds of the small Trout in several areas I fish in the ICW right now and they should be there most all winter. Like I've said before the average more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

6:50 AM

Classic Trout Bite!!! - Thanksgiving week was the classic Trout bite. The colder water put them on the move in the ICW and bunched up on the deeper shell drops. It's some of the easiest fishing I do all year. You don't need to mess with live bait at all. I use a quarter more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

10:54 AM

Can't Stop the Season Change! - As the winter gets closer the fishing starts changing. We had a very cold November for North Florida standards. The water got down to 57 degrees last week and was back up to 60 Friday the 28th. When the water gets that cold the Trout bunch up and more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

1:03 PM

Cold November!!! - Man we have had some cold weather for November in Jacksonville Florida. You can expect some cold fronts and a little wind this time of year but not the record cold we have had. It has already put the smaller Trout in the bunch up mode!!! When you more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

3:30 AM

Sticking the Big Flattie!!!! - November is certainly the best month for Flounder fishing and gigging. I have lost a lot of gigging trips because our water has been dirty off and on for a while this year. The trips I have been able to do have involved a lot of moving around and not more...
Capt. James Howard - Jacksonville

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