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Fishing Reports by Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch

8:39 PM

GiddyUp has great day in Pine Island Sound - From 6AM to 9AM things were smokin'!!! Trout, Redfish, and hold on to your collective ass, TARPON. Check this out. We had a 12 trout get attacked by a 60LB Tarpon. I reached over my angler and open the bail AS SOON AS I SAW the tarpon swallow. W more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

2:29 PM

High Water Temps keep chill on local action - Having just gone through a FULL MOON with some nice tides, I regret to inform you that the times of the great tides were totally BOGUS 12-2PM). Early charters had the last hour of 90 minutes of the ebb and then the dreaded slack before the incoming. more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

9:23 PM

Fishing in SW FL? Check Out Tournament Results - As you know the report before this one Sucked The Big One right? As the ETRADE Baby would say Check it. Last week was a major female dog. Water temp 89 degrees. Hell, I've been on a budget and didn't get my hot tub to 89. Anyway, have a seat and t more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

6:56 PM

It's not just me/Most Guides in SW FL are..... - 3 of my last 4 charters have really sucked. Think about this for a second. Imagine finding perfect bait. Imagine going to a historically great beach fishing spot famous for being the Mustang Ranch of fishing. (In other words, you pay a professional a more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

1:10 AM

Fly Fisherman puts Live Bait Charter Guide to shame - Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes! Check this out. It is simply priceless. As you know, my fishing reports are Bullsh*t free. In the words of the E-Trade Baby Check it. 3 Noted Guides including yours truly are fishing an area off Sanibel Island. We are all th more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

5:54 AM

Stuck in a horrible tropical wave pattern - I'm off to Washington, DC today July 8th (and the Birthday of a great American) and will not return until Sunday. Charters Mon and Tue of next week. Filming a Light Tackle Angler Show on Wednesday/Thur and a charter on Friday. If you are panting a more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

12:00 PM

Weather Pattern takes away too many Options - Last week sucked the big one. Too rough to fish the beach. Wind blowing off the Gulf to Inshore prevented any significant time movement. In other words, when Tide wanted to go out, Mother Nature kept blowin' in. I know, sounds kinky but its the best more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

11:11 PM

You don't need a boat for snook or tarpon - OK, I know what you're already saying...Have you caught a beach snook and tarpon while hoofing it? Yes and No. Scoring Snook is a piece of cake providing you wear stone colored shorts or khaki and pink, light blue, or white shirt. You think I'm kiddi more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

3:49 PM

Yes. same Capt GiddyUp on The Today Show on 6/03/2009 - Was that a Handsome Rascal on The Today Show or what? Hopefully your wives were not watching. Know this and totally staright-up. GiddyUp has had 16 Marriage Proposals. If you are clueless has to what the heck I'm talking about, here is the link. Me a more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

4:10 AM

Stars are aligned for Holiday fishing - The storms are leaving SW FL and Tarpon/Snook/and Redfish should present themselves proudly over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Tarpon: Try INSHORE (Pine Island Sound) Snook: Try anything near a PASS like Redfish Pass or Captiva Pass. R more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

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