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Fishing Reports by Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch

10:53 AM

Less Tarpon "As good as it gets!" - As we wait for Hurricane Fay, pls allow me to publish a report that is like all others all the time. THE FISHING IN SW FL IS ON FIRE. Redfish, Bluefish, Snook, and especially Redfish. As you all know (by now), my reports contain NO FLUFF and NO BS. T more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

2:02 PM

Too Much Total BS in Fishing Reports - Has the fishing world gone absolutely mad? Now there is a new website whereby you pay $$$$$$$$ to get insider information as to how and where to catch fish. What a giant loaf of total BS. Before I start this report, pls feel free to copy and paste more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

11:12 AM

Fishing is much like 30 years ago/ Few can afford it - Before speaking of the various species and where they can be caught, allow me to make this observation. Few people, very few people, are fishing. Americans who have worked all of their lives to retire, wet a line, fry a fish or two, are sitting at ho more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

7:43 PM

Building an Ark (taking extra Sheep and Goats) - OK: Anyone who has followed my dead/cold/honest fishing reports KNOW where I'm headed with this title. Honestly and swear to you, no title is more appropriate. In other words, the rain is intense. Say what you wish about former Marines but they will more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

8:19 PM

Dudes! Fish Orgy Alert!!! - There have been better times to fish in SW FL but right now is not bad. PLS allow me to explain my report title. I really have no other way to intellectually explain what is going on down here. I have been taking my charters to the large schools more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

7:57 PM

Fish early or Fish late (at night) - By 11AM, it is smokin' hot in SW FL. We have been getting creamed with early AM and PM thunder storms. No extra charge for lightening! Anyway, fishing has been pretty good with a few tarpon still hanging around. Snook: Lots of snook on the beach more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

9:18 PM

Out of Pocket for 2 Weeks - I need a vacation. GiddyUp! more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

9:17 AM

A Giant Dose of Humility.."N/C GiddyUp Charter" - Having used The Good, The Bad, and the Butt Ugly before, such is the title of this report. Many old timers are alledging Gulf of Mexico waters around Sanibel, Ft Myers, and Pine Island Sound are too salty. Too Salty, what the F*** is that all about? more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

11:35 AM

MAYDAY! Where is all the bait? - This Saturday was an amazing day. I arrived at C-Span of the Sanibel Causeway at 0530. Threw and looked until 7:15. I did not see one bait go into the net of any Pro Guide. Needless to say, no bait makes tarpon fishing pretty tough. But one thing is more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

11:57 AM

How about GiddyUp "Attitude" - Tarpon Season has enjoyed a banner week to last 10 days. As always, every single day has not been earth shaking BUT fish were in the air 7 of the 10 days. Most were on the small side for me (60-110LBS)but the aerial shows were extraordinary. If I hav more...
Capt. John GiddyUp-Bunch - Fort Myers

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