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Fishing Reports by Capt. Robert McDaniel

8:52 PM

Charter Boat Whipasnapa with 2/6hr Snapper Trips - Monday June 1,2009 Opening day was very good weather an some pretty good fishing. Went over to the wrecks behind Horn Island where we usually run the shorter snapper trip(especially early cause the cobia generally in that area). more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

7:21 PM

That Darn WhipaSnapa got a good one - Well the last three days I have been entertained by 2 couples from Texas an 1 from Oxford Ms. Fri, The Crowes were in He had done pretty decent amount fishing but he had not. Said He just wanted to see her catch a bunch didn,t really matter just pull more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

9:03 PM

Biloxi Man gets fever calls on whipasnapa - I Was just fixin to go do a lil scouting, catching bait this morning an got this call. Man I got the fever can you help me? well if its the same fever I used to get probily so. I done called in with the fever im gone fishing if I have to go off more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

10:34 AM

Might be slow but hey you never know - I had a young man call an, had 3 children 19 13 an 9 was fixin to be shiped out to Afghanistan, was really just wanting to create a few lasting memories before he left. Odds were not real good neap tide strong NE wind. But hey you just never more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

3:01 PM

Whipasnap goes Shark Fishing with the lil guys with big hearts - What a trip, as we got everyone an all the coolers 5 in total loaded aboard the whipasnapa. I asked ok what do you fellows want to catch today? Sharks was all i heard all 4 young guns an both adults, ok sharks have it.. Well these are more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

8:53 AM

3 fisherman from Beau Rivage Load up on Whipasnapa for some Trou - Put together Lil trip from the Beau Rivage, They said they had done the wifes thing for couple days an needed to get out on the water lil while. Fishing started out on the slow an small side but we kept at it an finally found a nest of more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

8:26 PM

Whipasnapa satisfies on some shark an Red fish - Man we would like to go out to the Island do a lil fishing. Ok, what would you like to catch? well how bout some sharks,we like fighting them an really like to eat them too... So lets do this, Before I even got all the pol more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

10:34 PM

Yellow Mouth WhiteTrout,Flouder,Specks And 1 to grow on - These o,l boys had never been on the gulf so they were really excited to get under way. Figured we would start out on some trout,had a good bite right away, bunch of jerking i mean really jerking after they pulled in about the 4th set of li more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

8:22 PM

dynamic red drum action aboard whipasnapa - Went on a chumming trip with some guys that wanted to catch some bull reds an sharks. Well these are fairly easy most of the time. Chum an they shall come! We went out to Horn Island bar, the edge of course. Most fish like to run the edge.C more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

11:25 AM

Red Snapper Looking good Big and tasty - Went out and checked on the Red Snapper an looks real good. Had about 20 wrecks to investigate,all but 2 had real good Snapper bites, about 5 had 15 to 20lb Snappers, most of the ones that had the bigger snapper were new reefs, put out post Katrin more...
Capt. Robert McDaniel - Mississippi Sound

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