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Fishing Reports by Capt. Dave Sipler

5:57 AM

Jacksonville Florida, Gator Trout Season - did you miss it? GATOR TROUT IN JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA? www.captdaves.com spring time big Trout, St. Johns River with NO LONG BOAT RIDE! ADD IN BIG REDFISH, on light tackle also. -HOW ABOUT THE GIANT BLACK DRUM? did ya mis more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

5:43 AM

Busy Busy Busy....it's SPRING BREAK 2018 - Have a few prime days in April left. But not many. prime meaning tidal. Best tidal days. The weather....has as usual had me doing many a re-schedule. Winds, of course are a fisherman's meanest enemy. ALREADY HAD THIS YEARS FIRST JACK CRE more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

2:57 AM

Mid Feb. Lots Going On: ""links"" - TROUT REDFISH SHEEPSHEAD The BIG 3, right now. (Mid Feb and on) I'm gonna send you here to my daily reports blog. where all the info is located. https://blockurl99.blogspot.com/2018/02/1211-day-of-firsts-for-aaron-his-u more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

5:56 AM

N.e. Florida Fishing Report Feb. 1 - I like a good Winter...BUT! Hello folks, and welcome to the winter duldrums in Jacksonville, Florida. Those approx. 8-10 days of nearly hard freeze, all the way to the beaches. Really kicked some fish butt. I explain it like this.....t more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

4:21 AM

Game Changer: ''bad Thru the Bone!'' - Every once in a while something comes along thats an item that you know is a true home run. You see it and say to yourself...s-o-l-d!!!! %image_id=56945% My youtube channel video link: http://youtu.be/w4teol1jr-c Trout, sheepshead, big more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

1:50 AM

IT'S BULL REDFISH TIME! (Halloween Pumpkins) - www.captdaves.com Jacksonville Florida 904-642-9546 8am-8pm eastern time -advanced reservations Get while the gettin' is good. -every single fish on fresh dead shrimp or cut Pogie pieces. The Mayport Jetties (St. Johns River Inlet) more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

4:53 AM

Early Fall Season - Kick-off - Capt Dave's Sport Fishing Charters www.captdaves.com - Jacksonville, FL. Thanks to hurricane Irma's passing, it was not exactly what land-lubbers would call a wonderful thing. But to local anglers, it was just what we needed! Yes, Tropic more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

7:01 PM

August, Same As July for Me. - August is a tricky month. Where I fish in the river, it's pretty much no different than July. It's all about dealing with the heat, and very warm water. I either go get live Pogies behind the surf, tossing a castnet. First thing in the morning. Us more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

3:53 AM

The Summer Down-slide...finally.. - LATEST NEWS......''''SHADE'''', BIG TIME! VIDEO link OF NEW BOAT TOP: https://youtu.be/70ELjlltC_g A JETTYWOLF MOMENT - long over due, or I'm just getting old. It's one or the other, but it's happening right now JULY 26th 2017. This more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

4:36 AM

Summers Peak - It's summers peak right now......hot, humid, and wet.

And everyone wants to go. I could fish every single day 7 days a week right now.

But could i physically take it? No!

The heat is a killer. I hate it.
< more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

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