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Fishing Reports by Capt. Dave Sipler

8:12 AM

UNBELIEVABLE, Trout fishing. - If there's one fish I love to chase, it's big Trout...most everyone knows that. I like them so much I'm willing to move to get more in the fish box. (because Florida regs suck) So, since my last report, I probably have a ton of photos to share, more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

6:42 AM

MORE....of those sweet December Days! - Literally, ever December I can count on like clock work. Slam dunking big fat Speckled Trout, true TROPHY sized fish. I preach how much I love the month of November for all inshore fishing the First Coast area of Florida. But I have to add in D more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

3:02 PM

OH THOSE DEC. DAYS! - N.E. Florida, Florida's First Coast, Jacksonville, what ever you want to call it, December is always a GREAT month to be a angler! As I write this report, it's 70 degrees and just got down sprinking rain all morning. For us that's pretty sweet. more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

7:18 PM

TROUT FEST.... - The past week I have been booked for 7 days solid. Many of these fine folks that I had aboard the Jettywolf, were past customers that are like me.... ADDICTED TO FLOAT-RIG FISHING AND CATCHING BIG FAT SPECKLED TROUT. We also caught so more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

6:25 AM

GO-TIME.....right now. - I have waited through alot of humid 100 degree summer days, sweating thru my shirt and sweat running down my legs by 8am for this moment. And every year, I say exactly the same thing... Its go time folks. Oct 1 thru April 30 the best fishing i more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

6:07 AM

400 lbs of Redfish - YES... It's been mullet run time. And 400 pounds of Redfish in as little as a 6 hr day fishing with three guys isn't a fairy tale. And ya' wanna know what is so nice about it? -Unlike fishing the St. Johns River in the heavy current more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

7:44 AM

NOW....should be vacation time! - It's October. And already here in N.E. Florida we've had some beautully cool mornings, as I run the river to the first spot. And it feels so GOOD! I know, July is America's Vacation month. But as a die-hard Angler. For me, Vacation month would be more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

12:35 PM

A "good" Wet year so far...... - Yep, it's always a good year, when it's a wet year. The St. Johns River needs it, I need it. With tthe water in my area pretty darn salty, any time I can get alot of rain over it and into the river the fishing is always so much better. Thanks more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

11:29 AM

GET READY....days are gonna get shorter! - I have a very good friend that was a commercial fisherman for 40 years. We used to also do charters together, when I was booked I gave them to him, and when I had the need for another Captain and boat. Of course, I asked him for the help. And I re more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

5:50 PM

JAX - Summer, "run & gun" - 9/3 - Summer, run & gun It was a wacky holiday weekend for sure. Because the Trout fishing was off due to the full moon. I had a Friday and a Sunday trip in which we tried early morning top water plugs and jigs. Friday, we had lots of swipes, more...
Capt. Dave Sipler - Jacksonville

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