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Fishing Reports by Capt. Henry Hauch

6:48 AM

Port Canaveral Offshore 12-31-11 - Forecast had called for the perfect conditions, and with a holiday weekend, you know the ocean would be packed with boaters. I arrived at the ramp early to avoid delays getting launched. After motoring to the docks of Fishermen's World to wait for my more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

11:18 AM

Port Canaveral Offshore 8-22-2011 - This was a trolling trip, and nice flat sea's allowed a 40mph ride out to get started. We ran South East towards Pelican Flats and deployed lines to make a few pass's over the reef. Using rigged Ballyhoo, we were able to cover the area faster than ha more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

11:51 AM

Port Canaveral Offshore 08-07-2011 - Port Canaveral Offshore 08-07-11 Weather was a real question mark for this trip. The Tropical Depression was forecast to start heading east the night before, but the morning of the trip it was still drifting north. Data from the weather buoys were more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

4:39 PM

Port Canaveral Offshore 07-03-11 - With a motor glitch on the ride in the day before, I was able to fix the problem, but not till first thing in Sunday morning. As such we made a late start, at 8:00 am from Port Canaveral. With the problem fixed, and the boat running better than ever, more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

11:19 AM

Port Canaveral Offshore 06-19-11 - Great weather for fishing. West winds are starting to stack up some weeds offshore, and they proved to be somewhat fishy this trip. NE of the weatherbuoy some tightly scattered weeds proved to be just what the icebox needed. We started around the per more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

10:12 AM

Port Canaveral Offshore - Forecast as 1-2' sea's not quite accurate, but still quite fishable. Our days plan was reef fishing at 8A. Arriving early, we found ourselves alone on the reef, and made a pass up and down the ridge before setting anchor. A small schoolie took the more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

6:13 AM

Port Canaveral Offshore 06-04-11 - FSFA Offshore Slam. Alan, his daughter Kaci, and myself started early out of Port Canaveral (4:30), and had lines in the water a few minutes after 6:00am near the 20 mile buoy. Within minutes the first fish was on and in the boat. It was small, but more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

2:54 PM

Port Canaveral Offshore 02-26-11 - Today our gameplan with calm sea's was to head deep for trolling. In only 45 minutes we were 30 miles out and at a pronounced Rip running North-South. We worked the line South for most of the day, using a variety of offerings, from islanders, skirted more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

6:55 AM

Port Canaveral Offshore 02-014-11 - HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Fish CAUGHT ............... BUT......... all except a handfull of them were either RED or BLACK!!!!!! This trip was taking a couple guys from the cold country out to do some fishing on the reef. 8A was our spot for the more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

10:26 AM

Port Canaveral Offshore 02-09-22 - With decent weather we ran out to deeper water to see what the surface temps looked like, and fish the wrecks. We trolled lines when conditions looked promising, but with temps still on the cool side, the bottom got most of our attention. We hit 5 bo more...
Capt. Henry Hauch - Port Canaveral

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