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Fishing Reports by Capt. Louie Argiro

1:18 PM

Crystal River Fishing and Scalloping Report August 2020 - HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! The Fishing and the Scalloping have both been hot in the past month and should only heat up even more as we get closer to mid to late September. Of course our biggest target through these times is going to be REDFISH!!! This is more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

9:21 AM

Crystal River Fishing and Scalloping Report - This month we have switched gears to the inshore side of Crystal River. We have been running a lot of scalloping trips which are great for the whole family and the best part is we can even fit some fishing into these trips to give everyone a great e more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

10:24 AM

Shallow Water Grouer Season!!! - Hello All, It seems as if we are going to start to move forward from the terrible times that we have had in the past couple months. The best part is that we now have nowhere to go but up and that's what we have been working on here at Florida Fi more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

10:13 AM

Crystal River February Fishing Report - Hello All, We are very thankful for the winter weather that we have been having this year. With just a few small cold fronts in the past few weeks we have seen the winter trends start to come in to full swing. This time of year we are thankful more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

4:01 PM

November Newsletter - I For one am extremely pleased with the fall weather we are having here in Crystal River, Florida. Wearing a jacket or sweatshirt in the morning and then by 10am peeling that off for a very comfortable 70 degree day is something that I look forwar more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

11:45 AM

September Fishing Report - Hello Everyone, I hope that you all are looking forward to the beautiful weather that fall brings us as we come into the end of September. The only thing better than beautiful weather is beautiful weather and great fishing. Thankfully for us thi more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

8:51 PM

May Fishing Report - May Fishing Report Crystal River Fishing has been RED HOT!!! Since the weather has started to even itself out proving that our last cold front has passed our water temperatures have risen and so have the amount of bites our anglers are getting eve more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

10:56 AM

Nature Coast Fishing at It"s Finest!!! - Hello All, Since we all had such a warm February and a windy March our fishes internal schedules are thrown all out of whack. The great news is that the weather has finally started to even out and our water temperatures have stabilized to give us more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

9:13 AM

Fire in February !! - Hello Everyone, Ahhh, I love Fishing in Florida in SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT…..IN FEBRUARY!!!!! We all have been asking for warm weather and we have definitely been answered. With all the warm weather we have been having the change in our winter fi more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

4:41 PM

January Fishing Report - As for the cooler temperatures that we have been having, I can officially say that this year is setting up to give us a stellar winter fishing pattern. With some of the early December and January cold fronts we have had we've seen some Redfish start more...
Capt. Louie Argiro - Crystal River

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