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Fishing Reports by Capt. Sal Tardella

7:21 PM

Ho-hum Action on the Sebastian River - We've fished a couple of times since our last report; the only active specie was jack crevalles of various size. Fun to bring in, but not very exciting. The temps have been in the high 60's and low 70's with mild winds, so we can't complain about more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Sebastian

12:13 PM

Nice Catch on the Sebastian River - We fished on Thursday with a CT visitor, Emilio (Amin) Pandolfi of Danbury--an expert angler and good friend. We caught jacks of every size, and ladyfish with a super-sized one in the lot. more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Sebastian

5:21 PM

Our Boat is in a New Spot.... - As our maiden voyage out of our new marina in Little Hollywood, which is located just a bit north of Sebastianm we went out with Ron Grisedale, a snowbird from the U.K. and a crackerjack fisherman who's very familiar with the local waters. While mov more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Sebastian

1:28 PM

My Bonnie's in a new marina.... - We recently moved our boat to a safer harbor in Little Hollywood, where Brevard County begins. Haven't had too many fishing hours this month because of other obligations, but we can't wait to get out onto the Sebastian River as soon as we can. more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Sebastian

3:23 PM

Haven't fished since last report.... - We had some issues with our trolling motor, and it was in the shop for a few days. The problem has been dealt with, but local weather conditions have not been ideal for small boats. High winds for three days plus some heavy rain today. Hoping fo more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Sebastian

9:28 PM

We're Back on the Treasure Coast.... - We got back to Sebastian less than three weeks ago, but we've already fished twice. Conditions in the Indian River lagoon and the Sebastian River have improved since last year, and we caught a variety of fish while moving around to several of our fa more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Sebastian

1:23 PM

Getting Ready to Bring the Boat out of the Water - We had three or four trips since our last report. The catch has been consistent--nice porgies, mixed-size sea bass, a few bluefish and the occasional sand shark. Our city launching dock is closing down next week, and we'll be pulling My Bonnie fr more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Norwalk Islands

8:55 AM

Slowing Down to a Crawl... - We fished a few times since our last report. Our passengers caught some nice porgies, some sea bass, bluefish and fluke. Fluke are now out of season, so they had to be thrown back. We'll be pulling our CT boat from the water at the end of this m more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Norwalk Islands

9:57 PM

Mixed bag.... - We've had some good temps, but the winds have been bothersome. We fished a few times, catching mainly sea bass and porgies, along with small bluefish and a few sand sharks. Only five weeks left to go for the season; pulling the boat out of the wa more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Norwalk Islands

11:43 AM

Crazy Weather, Few Charters As a Result - We did several charters over the last ten days of August, and one during Labor Day Weekend, but Hermine forced cancellation of two other trips, and calls have slowed down significantly ever since, which isn't unusual for this time of year. We'd be more...
Capt. Sal Tardella - Norwalk Islands

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