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Fishing Reports by Capt. Doug Nelms

9:29 PM

Can't wait to get started - October 27, 2008 Water is down 1 foot and clear The thing is so quick to being on right now, that I can't even tell you. The thing I am talking about is the fall start; our official opening day; of fishing season. Each and every year we all try more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

10:30 AM

Fall bite is on! - Water Temp is 78 degrees Water is at down about 2 feet The fall fishing run has finally started and it looks as if it is going to really be great. Every year we bite our fingernails down to nubbins' waiting on the water to cool down and for the more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

11:52 AM

Getting started again - Water Temp is 85 degrees Water is at full pool and clear for Oconee This coming month is what we have been waiting on. Just about everything will come on line in the month of October. The hybrids will come out of hiding, the crappie will move u more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

5:38 AM

Thermocline on Oconee? - Water Temp is 90 degrees Water is slightly stained in the middle of the lake, but clear toward the lower half of the lake. The hybrids and stripers seem to have gone on their annual summer vacation. They do this for about 4 weeks each year, due more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

12:19 PM

Stripes are still on! - Water Temp is 86 Degrees At Wallace Dam I think we are starting to see the lake turn over at Oconee. It happens every year, and even though I don't know the technical stuff about what happens when it does its ‘turn over, one thing becomes clear. more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

2:41 PM

Summer time bite is on! - Water Temp is 85 Degrees At Dam It is on at Lake Oconee! I knew sooner than later the fish would get into their predictable summer time habitat. They have showed up on the various humps down at the dam and they have been really big ones! Just more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

3:27 PM

Great Summer time fishing ahead - Water Temp is 85 The fishing on Oconee has reached a fevered pitch. I think the introduction of striped bass has made a difference in the summer time patterns and is now offering anglers a longer fishing season than we are accustomed too. When ther more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

2:31 PM

Crazy Oconee Fishing - June 10, 2008 Water Temp is 84 at Lick Creek Thank God for crazy again! Crazy is on at Lake Oconee. Ready for this, true story. Last week I had 2 customers out fishing. First rod went down, customer number one grabs it. Second rod went dow more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

5:10 PM

Hot Weather Stripers - June 3, 2008 Water Temp is 84 at Sugar Creek The shad run has ended and we are getting back to fishing as we know it can be on Lake Oconee. Yesterday afternoon we boated 4 really huge stripers and hybrids, and caught the biggest one casting t more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

10:08 PM

fishing getting better - May 22, 2008 Water Temp is 73 at Wallace Dam The shad run is just about finished on Lake Oconee, which means the hybrids and stripers will start showing up in their normal places. For about 3 weeks out of every year the shad run leave fisherm more...
Capt. Doug Nelms - Lake Oconee

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